About Mindful.Tools

Motivation and an overall positive frame of mind are limited resources. No one wakes up every morning feeling all pumped up. Somedays we greet the day feeling energized to get to work and complete our to-do lists. And then there are days when we just want to throw our alarm clocks, bid goodbye to the mornings, and find an excuse to curl up in bed and spend the rest of the day daydreaming about an elusive tropical escape.


There are also times when we experience feeling energized at the start of the day only to find ourselves drained and withered before the day ends. We wake up, work out, have an espresso, and feel like a walking advertisement of motivation. But by afternoon, we wonder why nothing makes sense, we lack the energy to do anything and just want to cut the day short and go back home.


These things are normal. Almost everyone we encounter goes through these cycles and while most of them may be struggling to overcome this vicious cycle, the good news is, you’re already one step closer to managing this.


Will power is a limited resource and cannot be summoned at any given time unless we rewire our thinking. Identifying the "why" behind the actions we perform can make finding the motivation to do them easier on days when we are feeling less-than-inspired. Whether we are dragging ourselves to the gym or fighting the mental battle against procrastination at work, making a mental shift to reconnect to our source of motivation can give us the boost to get it done.


We, Mindful Tools, are your partner in your journey towards a more motivated and purposeful life. Together, we want to see a community of people who, despite motivational challenges, can still find the willpower to push through and get things done.


We believe that the human mind is a powerful and dynamic tool. We’re not confined to what is and only our imagination is the limit. Sadly, there is a lot of clutter surrounding us, making us doubt ourselves, and thus preventing us from reaching our fullest potential.

We aim to establish a safe community where people can openly talk about their mental health. Again, we believe that the human mind is a powerful tool but it can sometimes be fragile. We’re here to provide you with the assistance you need so that you can get back on track and in turn, be a role model for others.